In today's world, maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is of utmost importance. That's why ER MEDICAL SUPPLY offers a wide selection of high-quality wipes designed to keep you and your surroundings clean, safe, and germ-free.


Explore our Wipes category to find the perfect solution for your needs:

  1. Disinfectant Wipes: Our disinfectant wipes are specially formulated to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses on surfaces. They're perfect for sanitizing frequently touched objects, surfaces, and high-traffic areas, helping to prevent the spread of infections.

  2. Hand Sanitizing Wipes: On-the-go cleanliness is easy with our hand sanitizing wipes. Keep them in your purse, car, or backpack for convenient access to hand hygiene when soap and water are not readily available.

  3. Baby Wipes: Gentle and hypoallergenic, our baby wipes are perfect for diaper changes and daily cleanup. They're soft on sensitive skin and free from harsh chemicals, making them a parent's trusted choice.

  4. Personal Care Wipes: Maintain personal hygiene with our personal care wipes. From facial cleansing to body wipes for adults, our products are designed for quick and refreshing cleanup whenever and wherever you need it.

  5. Flushable Wipes: These flushable wipes provide a gentle and effective way to stay clean and fresh. They're designed to disintegrate in water, ensuring they won't clog your plumbing.

  6. Surface Cleaning Wipes: Quickly and effortlessly clean and sanitize various surfaces, from countertops to electronic devices, with our surface cleaning wipes. They're ideal for both home and professional use.

  7. Medical and Healthcare Wipes: In healthcare settings, maintaining a sterile environment is critical. Our medical wipes are designed for use in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities to help reduce the risk of infection.

  8. First Aid Wipes: For minor injuries and wound care, our first aid wipes are essential. They provide gentle cleansing and disinfection to support the healing process.


At ER MEDICAL SUPPLY, we understand that cleanliness and hygiene are top priorities for our customers. That's why we source wipes from trusted manufacturers, ensuring that you receive products that are effective, safe, and reliable.

With our extensive range of wipes, you can easily maintain cleanliness, stay protected, and promote good hygiene practices in your daily life. Shop our Wipes category today and experience the convenience of quality wipes delivered to your doorstep.

Cleanliness and hygiene start here at ER MEDICAL SUPPLY. Stay safe, stay clean!

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